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Grunge Paper
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Grunge Paper

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Inject a tangible sense of age and authenticity into your designs with Grunge Paper, our comprehensive collection of grunge paper textures and old paper textures. With over 50 unique, high-resolution grunge textures featuring a variety of distressed and weathered patterns, this pack serves as an unparalleled resource for adding genuine grunge backgrounds and textures to your projects.

Product Overview

Grunge Paper is your one-stop-shop for enhancing your work with a realistic, tactile feel. This collection encompasses a myriad of textures birthed from paper that has been ripped, cut, stamped, burnt, and soaked before being meticulously scanned at 600 DPI.

Key Features 

  • An extensive collection of over 50 grunge paper textures and old paper textures, providing a wealth of design opportunities.
  • A variety of textures with full and ripped edges, perfect for creating a realistic, distressed grunge background.
  • High-resolution textures (600 DPI) that capture every intricate detail of the grunge texture and the weathered patterns.
  • The textures have been created through physical distressing processes such as burning and soaking, offering a genuine grunge feel to your designs.

Grunge Paper is your ticket to a world of authenticity, allowing your designs to embody the beauty of imperfection and the creative charm of the grunge aesthetic.

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