Introducing Kuro: Innovative Design Meets Retro Style

Introducing Kuro: Innovative Design Meets Retro Style

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We're excited to welcome Kuro, our newest partner at Studio 2am, who's ready to redefine your creative process with their remarkable design resources. Kuro, a maestro in combining retro and modern aesthetics, offers an array of design products that will surely make your projects stand out.

kuro glass mass photoshop effect

Their Glass Mass Distortion Bundle simplifies your design journey, enabling you to create extraordinary posters, social media posts and more in no time. The bundle, complete with Photoshop actions and smart objects, is all you need to supercharge your designs.

kuro retro glitch texture set

Step into the past with a futuristic twist with Kuro's Retro Glitch Texture Set. These immersive glitch textures carry a retro touch, adding uniqueness to your product.

kuro dismap photoshop glass template

If blurred abstract shapes are your thing, their Dismap Photoshop Glass Template is perfect for you. This resource is ideal for enhancing your projects, such as websites, brochures, posters or social media posts, with modern designs.

kuro chroma grainy gradient textures

One cannot miss their Chroma Grainy Gradient Textures. The vibrant gradients and abstract shapes overlaid with a retro style grainy texture are designed to add a modern edge to your projects.

Kuro's LED Gradients and Morpha Retro Gradient Textures Vol.2 collections promise to transform your designs with their vibrant and popping colors. They are ready-to-use and ideal for elevating your social media graphics, presentations, websites, and posters.

For font enthusiasts, the Purple Chrome Effect Bundle from Kuro is a game-changer. The bundle, with its eight different purple styles, can add a unique pop to your fonts or logos.

At Studio 2am, we're all about empowering creativity and fostering innovation. With Kuro on board, we continue our mission to provide you with the best resources to unleash your full creative potential. We can't wait for you to explore Kuro's unique offerings. Happy designing!